Staff training: Franklin closed to pupils

Sports day: 9.30 Y1/2; 13.30 Y5/6

Sports Day: Reception and nursery at 9.30; Y3/4 at 13.30

Sports Day for Nursery. Summer performances at St John's: 10.00 Y3/4; 11.30 Y2; 14.00 Y1

Summer performances: Reception 9.15am at Franklin; Y5 14.00 at St John's

RE day: Humanism

Nursery summer performance 9.30 at Franklin

Y6 Tenner Challenge Fayre

Y6 summer performance 13.40 at Franklin; Y6 Leaver's BBQ 5.00 - 7.00pm

Last day of term: Franklin closes for the summer holidays at 2.00pm