A warm welcome to Ark Franklin Primary Academy: 'a school to be proud of' (Ofsted 2020).

We are a non-denominational, three-form-entry primary school serving a diverse local population in Brent; there has been a school on the current site since 1898. 

Our name honours Rosalind Franklin. Born locally in 1920, she overcame adversity to play a key role in the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA. Our DNA walkways running adjacent to the key stage one playground leading to our garden, and in our front entrance, commemorate her outstanding achievement.

Ark Franklin is part of the Ark schools network, all of whom share a common mission: to ensure all our pupils are equipped to go on to university or a career of their choosing.  Ark schools are characterised by high aspirations, high achievement and exemplary behaviour. 

Here at Franklin, a positive climate for learning and a culture of high expectations prevails, a shared belief that all our children can achieve to a high standard, regardless of circumstances or background. Our pupils receive excellent teaching and engage in a rich and varied knowledge and vocabulary-filled curriculum, both inside and outside the classroom, including specialist Spanish and music lessons, alongside outdoor learning experiences and adventure days in our wonderful garden and the parks of London.

We endeavour to nurture an independence of spirit and thought guided by a strong moral compass in our pupils, rooted in tolerance and mutual respect for all; a recognition that with rights come responsibilities for our self and our community as a whole.  For to question the status quo takes courage and confidence.  To propose an alternative takes knowledge and understanding of what has gone before and what is possible going forward.  A great education gives children the wherewithal to do both. 

As a result, Franklin pupils are confident, curious, engaged learners who relish challenge, contribute well in lessons, are proud of their school and their achievements, and supportive and encouraging of each other, they recognise that success requires effort and that errors afford the opportunity for real learning to occur; fall seven, ARISE eight.

At Franklin we are determined to offer a learning experience that affords all our pupils real equity and equality of opportunity, we recognise an achievement gap as a provision gap, and are committed to working with parents and families to ensure all our pupils reach their potential; achieving - if not exceeding - age-related expectations year on year.

Our website offers a wealth of information about our values-driven culture and our research-informed curriculum offer. Alternatively, please contact us to arrange an informal visit.