Year 3 - Home Learning

Whilst school is closed, we will endeavour to provide regular work and opportunities for learning off-site. This page will be updated regularly with new tasks set by the teachers from Year 3. 

Thank you for your patience and continued support with your child's education. 


Miss Choudhry, Miss Stefaniak and Mr Parker



Should you need your child's login for Purplemash, TimesTable Rockstars or Read theory, please email 




Purple Mash is a comprehensive suite of online learning tools and content, designed to be used by Primary aged children in the classroom and at home. As well as undertaking coding which they have been learning about in computing lessons, there are a wide range of other education related tasks that can be completed.   

Your child has a username and password that they can use to access this resource.

Access purplemash here

Times Table Rockstars



Times table rockstars is an online platform that allows children to learn their times tables in an exciting and engaging format. They can play against themselves or against people from around the world! Your child has been given a login and password to access this. 

Access TTRS website here




ReadTheory is an interactive website that provides texts and questions set to your child's ability. They can earn points and trophies as they answer questions relating to the texts they have read. 


Access ReadTheory here


Additional Learning Links






Daily 10 Daily 10 is a primary maths resources which covers a wide range of mathematical skills. It is useful to develop fluency in mental maths skills.

Hit the Button Hit the Button is an interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and numebr squares. The games which are against he clock challenge and develop a child's mental maths skills

Treasure chest 100 An nteractive 100 square used for examining number facts up to a hundred
Writing Pobble A new picture is shared each day to provoke discussion, debate or writing ideas
Maths Maths Frame A multitude of games and maths and activities for pupils in KS2

Oxford Owl Help your young child learn to read, and love to read, with Their range of over 100 free eBooks. (Requires registration which is free)
Spelling Spelling Frame A variety of tasks and rules to learn relating to the spellings for Year 3.
Geography National Geographic A range of articles and activities based on content from around the world
Geography World Geography A selection of games and quizzes including content on capitals and flags
History History for Kids Interactive games, videos, worksheets on many historical events that will help your child understand those that have gone before us.
History British Museum Free Virtual Exhibitons at The British Museum
Science Switch Zoo A variety of different activities and facts about animals and biomes
Science The Great Bug Hunt Get involved!
Art Tate Games, quizzes and art activities
PE Cosmic Yoga Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for kids
PE Go Noodle Movement and mindfulness activities
PE Active Home A variety of suggestions to stay active at home with your child
Various BBC Bitesize A variety of tasks and videos designed for pupils in KS2
Computing Typing Club Online programme for teaching and developing touch typing