British history is taught in the autumn term with the chronological development of Great Britain examined from the Stone Age, through the Roman rule of Britain and the Anglo Saxons. In the summer term, the focus of history turns to ancient civilisations and famous individuals with younger children learning about exploration and space whilst Ancient Greeks, Mayans, Egyptians and Aztecs are covered in KS2. Children develop critical evaluative skills as they look at sources and consider the legacy of these elements of history.


Geography is unashamedly taught as a distinct subject at Ark Franklin as there are key non-negotiables that we feel are vital children understand before they leave primary school. Key geography skills include understanding countries and cities around the globe, reading maps, using compasses and understanding climates and how human activity impact upon these. Children learn both physical and human geography at Franklin; they develop a detailed understanding of rivers, mountains, volcanos and earthquakes as well as studying countries from different continents around the world.


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