At Ark Franklin we provide a broad and balanced curriculum, developing the individual child according to their age and ability; we are committed to providing significant opportunities for pupils to master English and mathematics skills, with a strong emphasis on depth before breadth.  For we believe that mastery in these core subjects is key to success, determining later access to higher education and increased career choices at eighteen.

Ark Franklin implements a tailored version of the Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum, using a curriculum map to ensure that we cover all the statutory requirements during your child’s time with us. 

Teachers use a wide variety of teaching methods, adapted according to the subject, age and ability of the individual pupil. At Ark Franklin, we place great emphasis on learning through practical activities, as we believe that it is only by direct experience that true understanding of a specific area, and its relevance to real life, can be gained.

In common with other Ark academies, all the methods we use have been well researched and assessed to ensure a positive impact in the primary school setting and most importantly on the learning experience of our pupils. 

Depth before breadth

Our first priority is to build a secure foundation in English and mathematics as the basis for all other learning. Pupils will be taught to read, write and work with numbers fluently and confidently. Where pupils need extra support, it will be provided, to ensure that every child reaches and exceeds nationally expected standards.

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