Open days for admission to nursery or reception in September 2021

Due to current governemt guidance we envisage that open mornings for 2021 admissions to Franklin's nursery and reception will be held virtually via Zoom.

If you would like to join one of these 'virtual visits'  to Ark Franklin to determine if we are the right school for your child, then please contact us via or call our admissions lead, Lourdes De Lucia, on 020 969 3846 to secure an email invitation; the dates of meetings for admission in 2021 are listed below.


Ark Franklin Admission Policy 2019-20.pdf

Ark Franklin Admission Policy 2020-21.pdf

Ark Franklin Admission Policy 2021-22.pdf


Nursery Open Days Reception Open Days
9.30am Wednesday 11th November 2020
9.30am Wednesday 25th November 2020
9.30am Wednesday 6th January 2021


9.30am Tuesday 20th October 2020
9.30am Tuesday 3rd November 2020
9.30am Tuesday 17th November 2020
9.30am Tuesday 1st December 2020
9.30am Tuesday 5th January 2021
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