Our Vision

Our mission is to provide every pupil – regardless of the barriers they face - with a complete education of the very highest standard that ensures that they can have the opportunity to go on to university or pursue the career of their choice, as well as live fulfilling and happy lives.

At Ark Franklin, we will achieve our mission together, by working towards our common vision for the school. We want our school to be:

  • Inclusive, nurturing and supportive - where barriers to success are overcome
  • Ambitious and aspirational, with the very highest expectations of all children
  • Rigorous - characterised by high expectations of each other
  • Lively with the buzz of activity, calm in the classes and corridors
  • Joyful, safe and happy – for children, adults, families and the community as a whole


We achieve this by always remembering our core values, known as our ARISE values, and known well by everyone in the school. We remember  that when we falter or fall, we will always ARISE stronger.

Our ARISE values are:


What does this mean?

Achievement We strive for excellence in everything we do
Respect We are polite and show tolerance of others
Integrity We look to ourselves and make good choices
Support We help other people and work together to achieve more
Effort We do our best and never give up

We hope that you will see our Vision and our Values in everything that we do.