Our Vision

At Franklin we offer an education rich in knowledge, culture and vocabulary, rooted in the best that has been thought and said so far, with reading at its heart, and implemented in a nurturing environment that invests much in social and emotional capital, enabling all to thrive.  Our aim is to achieve real equity and equality of opportunity for ALL pupils, thus equipping Franklin alumni with a deep body of knowledge built up over time embellished by culturally rich experiences, enabling them to confidently and successfully navigate the world beyond our gates.

For to question the status quo takes courage and confidence.  To propose an alternative takes knowledge and understanding of what has gone before and what is possible going forward.  A great education gives children the wherewithal to do both.

Our pupils are confident, curious and engaged learners who relish a challenge, contribute well in lessons, are proud of their school and their achievements, and supportive and encouraging of each other; they recognise that success requires effort and that errors afford the opportunity for real learning to occur.

Our mission, in common with all Ark schools, is to provide every pupil with the opportunity to go on to university or pursue the career of their choice.

Many minds, one mission.


Our values form the acronym ARISE; this stands for Achievement, Respect, Integrity, Support and Effort. These characteristics are what we believe all children need to become the best they can, achieving life-long success.


What does this mean?

Achievement We strive for excellence in everything we do
Respect We are polite and show tolerance of others
Integrity We look to ourselves and make good choices
Support We help other people and work together to achieve more
Effort We do our best and never give up