Parent Teacher Association

About The Parent Teacher Association

Our mission as the Ark Franklin PTA is to co-ordinate and support fundraising and events to:

  • bring together the Ark Franklin community;
  • to help foster positive relationships between everyone involved with the school;
  • and to raise money to help realise this goal, improving the school to benefit the whole community.

Every parent of a child at Ark Franklin is automatically part of the PTA; we all have voting rights and the power to influence how we achieve our collective goals; so come and get involved!

The Committee

The Parent Teacher Association Committee is elected in December each year. It overseas various initiatives, plans events, and coordinates volunteers to organise and help run them.

This year your committee is:

Co-chair: Vacant

Co-chair: Bethany Childs (Frederick, Year one)

Secretary: Vicky Allard (Spike, Year one)

Treasurer: Rik Smith (Austin, Year one)

We are actively seeking year representatives to help us coordinate various initiatives and to provide a single point of contact and feedback from each year group within the school.

Getting in Contact

The best way to get in touch is by email: